Our Generous Annual Campaign Contributors for 2018–2019

David Schirm
Blood pool (detail)
September 22 to November 3, 2017

The staff and Board of Directors of Hallwalls are deeply grateful for all of your generous year-end contributions to our 2018–2019 Annual Campaign. We launched this year's Campaign via direct mail, email, and social media just before Halloween, and the Campaign will run until well after the New Year. In addition to thanking each and every one of you by mail, we are updating this on-line donor acknowledgement list daily.

In the current political climate of anti-intellectualism and threat to First Amendment freedoms, it is more important than ever that tried and true progressive cultural organizations like Hallwalls—with our innovative and intellectually-challenging programming and longstanding commitment to artistic freedom—continue to earn and garner the support of our equally progressive and intellectually-curious community of artists, arts audiences, colleagues, and donors like you. Your individual gifts with no strings attached—except that we remain true to our programming mission—is the main bulwark ensuring that Hallwalls can continue standing strong in the face of the ups and downs of public arts funding. We promise to return your faith in us with fearlessness and steadfast dedication to artistic innovation and freedom of expression in everything we do.

$1000 +

  • Julio & Amy Alvarez

$500 +

  • Sue Kovic & Michael Baczkowski
  • Joan Yang
  • Simple Gifts Fund

$250 +

  • Stephen Gallagher
  • Sarah Phelps
  • Joan Bozer
  • Matthew & Elyse Ryan
  • Joshua Lawrence
  • Hydraulic Hearth
  • Cristanne Miller

$200 +

  • Mine & Hasan Dosluoglu
  • Verneice Turner

$100 +

  • Ben Oppenheimer
  • Larry Lundy
  • Leslie Walker
  • Terry Iacuzzo
  • Jorge & Sarah Guitart
  • Joan M. Doerr

$50 +

  • Dianne & Pat Baker
  • Mark & Laurie Criden
  • Jan Agati Abbarno
  • Sandra Ludwig & Mark Kerwood
  • Bill Jungels
  • Jamey Quiram
  • Matthew Ginal
  • Carl Dennis
  • Margaret McKendry

Up to $49

  • Craig Touma, Esq.
  • Candace P. Masters
  • Saul & Janine Elkin
  • Sally Treanor
  • Kurt Von Voetsch