Special Events

Wednesday, February 6 at 7:00 p.m.


A Mid Winter's Draw

Asbury Hall @ Babeville

  • 36 Artists Drawing Live In Two 45 Minute Sessions
  • Your Chance To Watch, Bid, & Buy!
  • Opening Bids At $39
  • Cash Bar
  • Music by DJ Undersound
  • Admission $5



Darren AdairMonica AngleKobie BarberObsidian BellisJulia BottomsKristin BrandtJoel Brenden • Daniel Butler • Kyle ButlerCaitlin CassEmily Churco • Patrick Facemire • Fotini GalanesRich GouinlockBobby GriffithsChad Grohman • Curtis A. Guy • Barbara HartEvan Hawkins • Jay P. Hawkins Sr. • Joyce HillTom HoltAshley JohnsonDot KellerIris KirkwoodSarah LiddellBill Maggio • Vidalia May • Julie Molloy • Alicia PaolucciJennifer RyanKatherine SehrRachel SheltonCarol Case SiracuseRodney TaylorRich Tomasello

Our fifteenth drawing rally in seven years! Hallwalls' twice annual live drawing rally event is both an award-winner and a crowd pleaser. With 36 artists drawing live in two 45 minute rounds, the silent auctions that follow create an excellent opportunity for burgeoning and seasoned art collectors. With openings bids set at $39, winning bidders might walk off with a drawing for that little—or $50 or $100—although occasionally drawings are bid up into a few hundred dollars. Framing options are available on site and an open cash bar with beer, wine, and specialty cocktails await. Music by DJ Undersound.

Invited artists cover a range of styles and include longtime rally participants (only Fotini Galanes and Alicia Paolucci have now participated in ALL of them) as well as new participants introduced in each rally. From grad students to seasoned senior artists, the drawing rally offers a style for everyone's tastes.

That said, you do NOT have to buy a thing. Many folks await this event just to come and hang out and enjoy the frantic atmosphere. And we're not kidding when we say that people STILL come up to us and tell us this is their favorite art event… ever!

Come see why.
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