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Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

Admission by donation

Buffalo Veterans For Peace presents

Stop Loss

A screening of the 2008 film drama Stop Loss (2008, 112 min.) will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Vietnam War Resister Bruce Byers; NYCLU Western Regional Office Director and disabled combat veteran of the first Gulf War, John Curr; and Vietnam Veteran Russell Brown.

This first in a series of events sharing the stories of war resisters and their struggles for justice, this event will also be a fundraiser to help cover legal defense costs for stop-lossed GI Resister Marc Hall. While serving in Iraq, Hall opposed the role of the US military.

Thinking he would be out of the service a few months after returning to the states, he was angry when he was told that he was being “stop-lossed” and would be returning to the war zone. He wrote an angry hip-hop song and sent it to the Pentagon. Months later, after filing charges against the military for lack of PTSD help, he was arrested and thrown in a Georgia jail last December. In March he was shackled and shipped to Kuwait to be court-martialed in Iraq. This extraordinary rendition of one of our own soldiers has made it expensive for Marc to finance his defense.

Buffalo Veterans for Peace has been organized to support the troops who refuse to fight in these illegal wars.

contact: Russell Brown: 716-570-5200 -

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