Literature Program

Friday, July 26 at 5:30 p.m.

Lisa Hagan Books presents

An Intimate Evening and Book Signing With Joe McQuillen

Author of My Search for Christopher on the Other Side

About the Book: On the morning of January 3, 2016, Joe McQulillen's life was turned inside out when he received a call that his son, Christopher, along with three of his friends, was missing. They had been at a friend's lake house, celebrating the end of Christmas break from college. Sometime during the evening of revelry, the four young men jumped into a canoe, paddled out onto the icy lake, capsized, and drowned. Christopher's body was recovered first; the others over the next several dark days. Thus began a father's remarkable journey through grief, awakening, discovery and acceptance as Joe—through mediums, research and, eventually, direct communication—navigated his personal bridge to "the other side."

Joe's first contacts with Chris occurred through a medium, via telephone. The messages were astounding and reassuring, but Joe wanted more; he needed to look into the face of the one talking and listening to his son. To be clear, Joe McQuillen is a not a flaky guy given to flights of fancy. He grew up a blue-collar kid from Buffalo, and he has done very well in several businesses. He is a solid citizen, happily married for 27 years, father of two other children…a family man and a guy's guy, who, at 61, still plays hockey with his pals. He would rather have stayed ignorant of the spiritual world, but he did not have that choice. Joe's journey through this heart-breaking event left him with the certainty of belief that we grow spiritually or we die! This is a book for all who have lost a loved one—especially if prematurely—and he hopes it brings you to the threshold of understanding and knowing that they are not gone.

About the Author: Joe McQuillen has been married for 27 years and is a father of three children, one on the other side ... continue reading >>