Community Events

Thursday, August 1 at 7:00 p.m.

Buffalo Infringement Festival - Theater

Emotional Baggage
Emotional Baggage by Lindsay Price is a 30-minute one-act play without words. Each character has their own baggage to deal with. We see how this baggage impacts their movements and lives. The action unfolds when a person who is not bound to their baggage arrives on the scene. This play is presented with an optional talk back after the show to open up a discussion on the emotional baggage present in our daily lives.

A Midsummer Night's Rave
After suffering through the low wages and minimal recognition of the post-modern dance world, Jamie Graham and Amy Larimer are pursuing new prosperity & fame in the lucrative world of improv comedy! Amy & Jamie started out as classically-trained professional dancers. Seven years ago they were seduced by the dark sparkle of improv comedy and became the Raving Jaynes—a dynamic female duo mixing dance, improv, song, and physical theater to tell entirely improvised stories!

Girl Fight
Brazen-Faced Varlets present: Girls fighting each other onstage. A fun demonstration of choreographed fights between women. Different styles of fighting will be incorporated along with talkbacks with the audience about safe stage violence. Stefanie graduated from Oklahoma City University with a BFA in Acting and is a certified Advanced Actor Combatant with the Academy of Fight Directors of Canada.