Media Arts Program

Sunday, May 1, 1988


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Program #2 includes the last three organizational topics and will take place at Hallwalls Vault. See April 30, 1988 for first program. Sexuality or Gender: YOGI, WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU (Mako Idemitsu, Tokyo, Japan, 1987, 9 minute excerpt); LAST RITES (Armin Heurich, Buffalo, USA 1987, 3 min); MAKING THE BREAKS (Susannah Lopez and Janet Potter, London, England 1987, 5 minute excerpt); I RIDE A PONY NAMED FLAME (Margaret Ahwesh, New York, USA 1987, 5 min); MIRROR, MIRROR (Paula Levine, San Francisco, USA, 1987, 2 min 30 seconds); AESTHETICS AND/OR TRANSPORTATION (Daniel Minahan, NEW YORK, USA, 1987, 4 minute excerpt); VALUES IN A NEAR PERFECT WORLD (Emjay Wilson, San Francisco, USA, 1987, 3 min excerpt); RAPTURE (Paul Sharits, Buffalo, USA, 1986, 4 min excerpt), KALI-FILM (Wilhelm and Birgit Hein, Koeln, West Germany, 1987, 4 minute excerpt); MAGOMLES (József Nándori, Budapest, Hungary, 1987, 2 min 30 seconds); and OH NOTHING (Dennis Day, Toronto, Canada 1987, 12 min). EPIDEMICS: HARD METALS DISEASE FOLLOW-UP (Downtown Community Television, New York, USA, 1987, 11 minute excerpt); I LOVE NEW YORK and IRRADIATED PRODUCE (both videos: Alex Meyer, Buffalo, USA, 1987, 1 minute); 8.9/9.9.87 TRAVE/LUBECKER HAFEN, GREENPEACE GEGAN ATOMMULLTRANSPORTER SIGYN (Rainer Gehrisch, Hamburg, Germany, 1987, 2 minute excerpt); AUGEN ZU (Axel Klepsch, Dusselorf, West GermanY, 1986, 8 min); JIM JONES (Lynn Hershman, San Francisco, USA, 1987, 4 minute excerpt); SUCKER (Tony Oursler, New York, USA, 1986, 5 min); CELEBRITIES (Mark Wilcox, London, England, 1985, 12 min); KALININPROSPEKT VIDEOWALL (Idja Frez, Moscow, USSR, 1987, 3 minute excerpt); EXPERTEN (Manfred Neuwirth, Vienna, Austria, 1986, 1 minute 30 seconds); MEDITATIONS (Gary Hill, Seattle, USA, 1979-1986, 4 min 30 seconds) and Testing the Limits (Testing the Limits Collective, made of Gregg Bordowitz, Sandra Elgear, Robyn Hutt, Hilery Joy Kipnis, and David Meieran, New York, USA, 1987, 6 min). IMAGE DIALECTS: LILLITH (Steina, Santa Fe, USA, 1987, 6 minute excerpt); FLIM (Hermann Wurzer, Linz, Austria 1985, 5 min); ZOE'S CAR (Ardele Lister, New York City, 1987, 6 min 30 seconds); GROSZGEN (Walter Gramming, BERLIN, West, Germany, 1987, 12 min), KASPER HAUSER STIRB (Karl-Heinz Hahnemann, Berlin, East Germany, 1987, 5 minute excerpt); CONTINUOUS ENTERTAINMENT (David Smith and Lee Murray, Dallas, USA, 1986, 5 minute excerpt); VALVEGRIND (City Group, Auckland, New Zealand, 1985-1986, 4 min); LES COCHONS ROSES (Frigo, Lyon, France, 1987, 6 minute excerpt); THE RED STAR (Ernest Gusella, New York, USA, 1986, 3 minute excerpt) and THE ART OF MEMORY (Woody Vasulka, Santa Fe, USA, 1986, 6 minute excerpt).

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