Media Arts Program

Friday, February 6, 2009 at 8:00 p.m.

$7 general, $5 students/seniors, $4 members

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Todd Holland

The Believers

Recipient of the Frameline 30 Audience Award for Best Documentary An unprecedented feature documentary that shatters assumptions about faith, gender, and religion, The Believers follows the Transcendence Gospel Choir, the world's first transgender gospel choir, as it struggles to reconcile their gender identity with the belief that changing one's gender goes against the word of God.

Set against the story of the Transcendence Gospel Choir's founding, the documentary reveals the lives of its members, including Tom, once a radical lesbian feminist; Ashley, choir founder and professional sound engineer; and Bobby, a recovering drug addict and former sex worker. The film takes us from the Transcendence Gospel Choir's shaky beginnings—a heartwarmingly chaotic, cacophonous group unable to agree on much of anything, arguing over appropriate wardrobe and learning to sing with transitioning voices—through their transformation into the polished, award-winning choir and close-knit family they are today, garnering major performances and winning an Outmusic Award in 2004 for the album Whosoever Believes.

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