Media Arts Program

Saturday, April 5, 2008 at 8:00 p.m.

Made possible by a major grant from The New York State Music Fund

Eyes and Ears: Sound Needs Image Part II

Live performance of video and film scores, co-curated by Joanna Raczynska and Will Redman. The evening features commissioned moving image works by artists Bruce Checefsky. Sara Hornbacher, Caroline Koebel. Hollie Lavenstein, Stephanie Maxwell, and Zach Poff with performances by the Open Music Ensemble and special guests. Made possible by a major grant from The New York State Music Fund.

Open Music Ensemble:
Otto Muller, Josh DeScherer, Chris Reba, Will Redman, Steve Baczkowski, J.T. Rinker, Todd Whitman, Bill Sack

Ornithology (3.5 min, video, 2008) by Hollie Lavenstein
Ornithology is a study of birds. It is not, however, a scientific study, but a playfully philosophical one whose point is to capture glimpses of absolute birdness.

Royal Treatment (12 min., video, 2008) by Sara Hornbacher
Travel to Belgium in 2002 and 2003, sponsored by the King Baudouin Foundation (KBFUS), resulted in many hours of footage shot in museums and major Art expositions in a number of European countries. Subsequent experimental work with this documentary footage over several residencies at The Experimental Television Center produced a wealth of interesting material.

Sea Lion (2.5 min, video, 2007) by Caroline Koebel
This hand processed Super 8 film marvels at the beauty of the movement of the sea lion. It reflects the fascination of the filmmaker's two-year-old son with this animal new to his world.

Tuareg (6.43 min., 16mm, 2008) by Bruce Checefsky
A melodious assemblage of Alencon lace, Venetian lace and Point D'espirit lace; artificial silk flowers, plants and trees seen as shadows cast by tube, pocket, and LED flashlights. Photographed in black-and-white on outdated direct positive film from 1985, the resulting dense grain images evoke a veil of secrecy and tension surrounding the film's meaning.

The Alchemist's Secret Assistant (4.17 min, video, 2008) by Zach Poff
A series of ephemeral hops between microscopic surfaces. The camera steals details from murky contexts as it weaves a trail around the body of the alchemist, follows the contours of cryptic diagrams, and traces the ripples of enchanted liquids. But how long has the assistant been watching?

End to End (4.21 min., video, 2008) by Stephanie Maxwell
End To End presents a choreography of abstract form and space where background and foreground move in complementary arrangements of tempo and rhythm as the moving composition evolves and changes over time.

A DVD of Eyes and Ears: Sound Needs Image (a.k.a. Eyes and Ears I) is for sale here.

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