Media Arts Program

Friday, April 11, 1997


Presented at:

MEDICINE WHEEL ANIMATION FESTIVAL (1997, TRL 60min): The Seventh Annual Medicine Wheel Animation Festival presents intelligent and innovative independent animation featuring WE WILL LIVE FOREVER (Yvonne Andersen, 1994, USA, 5 min); PEARL'S DINER (Lynn Smith, 1995, Canada, 6 min); Equestrienne (Lisa Baytos, 1995, USA, 6 min); THE SHARKS FIN (William Lebeda, 1996, USA, 1995, 6min); LA BIG FIESTA (Max Coniglio, 1995, USA, 4 min); OLIVE SHOWER (Ben Ridgway, 1995, USA, 2 min); FORM AND VOID (John N. Campbell, 1995, USA, 5 min); EL INSTANTE MCEWAN (Andres Sanz/Javier Ruiz, 1994, USA, 1 min); BREAKTIME (Jennifer Walsh, 1995, USA, 1 min); SLUR (Brian Kelly Hahn, 1995, USA, 30 sec); JOHN HENRY AND INKY POO (George Pal, 1946, 6 min); THE LEGEND UNLIKELY (Bob Pece, 1995, USA, 9 min)

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