Media Arts Program

Thursday, May 11, 2000


Presented at:

A screening featuring works by: Chris Borkowski, Tony Contrad, Ghen Dennis, Julia Dzwonkoski, Garland Godinho, Stephanie Gray, Cheryl Jackson, Terry Klein, Meg Knowles, Caroline Koebel, Jody Lafond, Anya Lewin, Vincenzo Mistretta, Lara Odell, Bernie Roddy, Kelly Spivey, and Tech Arts for Girls with Tammy Wetzel and Nicole Crockett. Screening in conjunction with MAESTRO (Media Arts Environmental Scanning Tour of Regional Organizations), with members from Association of Independent Video and Film (AIVF) and the National Association for Media Arts and Culture (NAMAC), who, in addition to visiting Buffalo, have visited Los Angeles and New Orleans. The MAESTRO visit was a three day celebration/field survey of that took place May 12-14, 2000 with visits to the University at Buffalo Department of Media Study, Squeaky Wheel, CEPA, Buffalo Neighborhood Network (BNN), and the Buffalo and Erie Arts Council