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Thursday, April 29, 2004


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An evening of live-mixed video and original music by Dziga Vertov Performance Group with Douglas Rosenberg (video) Scott Fields (guitar, composer) and Ryan Smith, (laptop computer, composer). This work combines Rosenberg’s rich, evocative video imagery with the electronic and processed original compositions of Fields and Smith. The video and soundscapes are inter-related and inseparable from each other and together form a rich and compelling performance art event. The evening is in two parts, SOLUTION, a work that interrogates the Holocaust in images music and text and PASTORALE, a cine-poem of movement and landscape.

Dziga Vertov Performance Group was founded by visual artist/director Douglas Rosenberg in 1991. The group's purpose is to create works bridging numerous disciplines including dance, visual and media arts. DVPG takes its name from the Russian filmmaker of the early 1900's. DVPG's fundamental mission is to create new and challenging works of art based in the language of performance, dance and media that combine disciplines including sound, text, video and projected images. The purpose of the work is to engage the audience, other artists and community groups in a dialogue that reaches beyond the usual performer/spectator relationship. In order to do this, DVPG has set out to create a hybrid form of performance that is intended to both engage and challenge, using concepts and images that speak to contemporary and historical issues of human existence.

Featuring: Douglas Rosenberg (live video) Scott Fields (guitar/composer) Ryan Smith (laptop computer/ composer)

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