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Saturday, June 3, 2006



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Free103point9's MICRO RADIO WALK through Hallwalls
featuring 31 Down, Matt Bua, and Radio Ruido

free103point9 is a nonprofit arts organization focused on establishing and cultivating the genre Transmission Arts by promoting artists who explore ideas around transmission as a medium for creative expression.

Microradio Sound Walk is a multiple transmitter sound piece and walking tour of local airwaves utilizing broadcast and computer technology to create a soundscape on a single FM frequency that responds to both the architecture and sonic phenomena of a specific space. Consisting of multiple transmission stations situated along a loosely defined walking path, listeners proceed through the route in the order of their choosing, as they move farther away from one station and grow closer to the next, the signal they receive too will shift. This sonic progression maps the spatial qualities of an area's local airwaves. Microradio Sound Walk premiered in 2004 with Free103point9 transmission artists Damian Catera, Matt Mikas, Michelle Nagai and Tom Roe. It was presented in conjunction with Spectropolis: Mobile Media, Art and the City, a three-day event in New York City that highlighted the diverse ways artists, technical innovators and activists are using communication technologies to generate urban experiences and public voice. In May 2005, Free103point9 presented its second Microradio Sound Walk at the Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, Poland.

31 Down is a radio-transmission based theater company from Brooklyn,NY. Artistically, the vision of the company lies in the hybridization of modern technologies with old technologies, systems, established genres and forms. The use of radio transmission, wireless technologies and mobile devices opens the boundaries of the theatrical stage allowing the theater company to explore new ways of communicating between the audience and performer. 31 Down creates original sound-effects devices, tube and transistor receivers, interactive devices, audience activated sound systems, telephone systems as well as original scripts and music for its performances. 31 Down are Free103point9 Transmission Artists, and have released songs on Free103point9's Radio Action I and Tune(In))) CDs.

Matt Bua received his BFA from East Carolina University (North Carolina). In addition to drawings, Bua makes films, videos, installations and performance art pieces. He has been included in exhibitions at Jessica Murray Projects, Smack Mellon (Brooklyn); Palm Beach Museum of Contemporary Art (Lake Worth, FL). He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Radio Ruido is the nom de guerre of Brooklyn artist Thomas Mulligan. In addition to transmitting experimental sound work with Free103point9, he has performed live with the audio-visual collective Dimmer and designed sound for the bilingual performance group Teatro Chinampa. He has recently exhibited at Deitch Projects, Participant, Inc., the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore, and the Center for Contemporary Art Ujadowski Castle in Warsaw, Poland.

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