Media Arts Program

Friday, January 26, 2007 — Sunday, January 28, 2007


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Still from Ryan Tebo's I Am Hearing the Last Bird

Resolutions 07 will take place at Hallwalls on Friday, January 26 and Saturday, January 27. This year marks our third festival, which showcases media art by both emergent and established makers from Buffalo and beyond. During this two-day event, 28 artists will present original works. Each evening includes an hour-long screening of short films and videos, with installations on view in The Lounge at Asbury Hall. Please join us for our annual media arts festival that highlights the experimental and resolutely unique!

Friday January 26th 2007

So Much to Say (John Marriott); Cocteau Cento (Dan Boord and Luis Valdovino); 13W (Sharon Mooney); Impetus I (Justin Hellickson); Compulsory Figures (Becca Albee); Between Two Deaths (Wago Kreider); thereabouts (Peter Byrne, Ethan Borshansky and Carole Woodlock); Lighting Fields (Rudy Lemcke); Sister Cities (Joe Merrell); Through These Trackless Waters (Elizabeth Henry)

Still from Becca Albee's Compulsory Figures

Saturday January 27th 2007

Unfurling (Martha Gorzycki); Citizen Dandy (Michael Klein); Prickle Britches (Jill Johnston-Price); Journey of the Invisible Gaze (Karen Brummund); Petrified Unrest (Stefani Bardin); I Am Hearing the Last Bird (Ryan Tebo); Atlas (Chris Ernst); Michacan: La Muerta and Michoacan: El Traidor (Sabine Gruffat and Ben Russell); Midden (David Dinnell)


Because You Asked (Alan Bigelow); Metales, Plasticos, Vidrios, Organicos (Courtney Grim); Temporal Lexicon (Sarah Howell); Conquest of the Air (Andrew Kaufman); Loud and Clear (Dietmar Krumrey)

Because You Asked (Alan Bigelow); Feet_Object_Surface (Sarah Howell)

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