Media Arts Program

Saturday, October 20, 2007

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Beyond/In Western New York

Jeremy Bailey


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The multifaceted practice of Canadian artist Jeremy Bailey not only utilizes a variety of media, but also takes inspiration from seemingly disparate influences. One perceives in both Bailey's single channel works and installations (on view at the Albright Knox Art Gallery), an understanding of the complex histories of video art. From the inclusion of humorous characters to body-based endurance performances, his videos incorporate a variety of strategies, no doubt inspired by his studies with the late Canadian performance video artist Colin Campbell. Perhaps a lesser-known tradition in video art that Bailey explores in his practice is the role of video artist as toolmaker. Early artists and engineers were forced, because of a lack of access to commercial image making tools, to create their own devices. By hacking and modifying preexisting tools, and eventually customizing and inventing their own machines, video artists were able to experiment with real-time image making long before the availability of personal computers. Three decades later, Bailey is among a new generation of generative artists who have continued building tools, and who insist that the process of researching and developing these systems is as crucial to their practice as any final product. By customizing computer-based video tools, by performing their capabilities in a variety of humorous "demos," and by sharing them with other artists, Bailey follows in the footsteps of such makers as Dan Sandin, the Vasulkas, and many others. During his screening and performance at Hallwalls, Bailey will show a series of videos as well as deliver a demonstration of his invention VideoPaint, a tool which allows users to paint anywhere at anytime by translating movements into virtual brushstrokes. Although Bailey is adept at cheekily performing the role of the dry inventor, audiences can expect this action packed demonstration to be both humorous and engaging, and to incorporate pop culture, music and an expressive range of movements.

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