Media Arts Program

Thursday, October 7, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.

$8 general, $6 students/seniors, $5 HW & TLB members

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Talking Leaves ... Books and Hallwalls present

Yuichiro Yamada

Three New Short Documentaries: Do My Own Thing, Molly's Art School, & Unconditional Love

still from Do My Own Thing Yuichiro Yamada spent his last two years as a UB Media Study graduate student in Buffalo productively making sensitive, loving, insightful, and informative documentaries about our community from his youthful outsider's perspective that have met with acclaim from those of us who live here, showing us things about the place we live that we ourselves may not even know, or at least take for granted. He has previously shown films made in 2009 at Hallwalls about Talking Leaves…Books (Just Browsing), the closing of New World Record (Irreplaceable), and dancer/choreographer Melanie Aceto, Assistant Professor of Dance at UB (Time to Dance). Unconditional Love (2010) is about Parkinson's disease (which afflicts 6,000 sufferers in WNY); Molly's Art School (2010) is about Locust Street Neighborhood Art Classes, which has been serving children and adults in Buffalo's East SIde Fruit Belt with free art classes for nearly half a century; and Do My Own Thing (2010) is about an 83-year-old Japanese woman who has lived in Buffalo for 55 years, after moving here from Japan in 1955.

Yuichiro Yamada is a filmmaker from Hokkaido, Japan. He makes documentary films and dance videos in Buffalo, NY. He was named a scholar of the Liberace Foundation and received a fellowship from the Robert and Carol Morris Fund for 2008–09. He also joined Richard Foreman's Bridge Project as one of the camera operators in Buffalo. He graduated from the UB Department of Media Study with his MFA in September of this year (2010).

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