Music Program

Saturday, June 12, 1976 — Sunday, June 13, 1976

Co-sponsored/co-presented by:
The Albright-Knox Art Gallery


Presented at:
Albright-Knox Art Gallery; Hallwalls; Delaware Park

Performances and installations at the Albright-Knox, Delaware Park, and Hallwalls, presented by S.E.M. Ensemble and special guests. S.E.M. Ensemble features: John Boulder (percussion); James Kasprowicz (trombone); Petr Kotik (flutes); William Lyon Lee (tenor); William Zukof (countertenor). Special Guests include: Richard Bell (trombone); Linda Brooks; Jim Cassaro (voice); Ken Davis; Roger Denson; Debbie De Staffan; Lee Elferman; Amy Evans; David Gutzko; Richard Hayman; Amy Heist (tuba); Mark Jones (tuba); Ralph Jones; Leigh Landy; Tom Lauria; Robert Longo; Larry Lundy; Sam Magrill; Marjorie Manneck; Elaine Moise (voice); Phill Niblock; Joseph Panone; Elaine Sheehan (voice); Ned Sublette; Elizabeth Teviotdale (voice); Yong Sook Won; Rick Zucker. 
Performances & Locations:
CONVERGENCE AND DISPERSAL by Robert Longo (1:30, Sat. & Sun, AKAG Back Entrance from Delaware); FILMS AND MUSIC by Phill Niblock (12:30-3:30, Sat & Sun, AKAG Auditorium); OBSERVING WITH VARIATIONS 17 (1974/76), and OBSERVING WITH VARIATIONS 18 (1974/76) by Petr Kotik (2:30-4:30, Sat & Sun, AKAG Lower Gallery); LA PHASE (1973) and REGIONES VOCALES (1973) by Leigh Landy (1:20 - 2:30, Sat & Sun, AKAG Sculpture Court and surrounding areas); VIDEO TAPES (1973) by Ralph Jones (2:30 Sat & Sun, AKAG Sculpture Court and surrounding areas);  SONGS (CULTURE PALACE VERSION, 1974-76) by Ned Sublette (3:00 Sat & Sun, AKAG Sculpture Court and surrounding areas);  A LAKE SURFACE PROJECTION by Joseph Panone (9-midnight, Sat & Sun, Delaware Park Lake); INTERSECTIONS 2 by Petr Kotik (9-10pm, Sat & Sun, Delaware Park Lake); SOURCES OF NATURALLY OCCURRING ULTRASONICS IN DELAWARE PARK by Ralph Jones (11am on, Sat & Sun, Delaware Park Lake); FANTASY VOLUMES AND LANDSPACES: FORM III Linda Brooks (10am on, Sun only, Delaware Park Stone Bridge Area); CONDENSATION: ONE MILE RADIUS by Lune Prods (12 noon - 12:30 midnightm Sat & Sun, Hallwalls); MUSIC FOR SLEEPING AUDIENCE by Richard Hayman (11pm Sat - 9am Sun, Hallwalls. The audience is requested to bring their own bedding).

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through Jun. 28, 2019

Ashley Smith
Three Fold Form

Inspired by Jungian psychology and mythology, Ashley Smith's process is an alchemical cauldron where personal narratives about womanhood, motherhood, research about art, stories, and myths of the wild woman archetype who represents the instinctive nature of woman are boiled together and transmuted to create abstract sculptural forms and installations that sprout from the wall and grow from the ground.

Stephanie Rohlfs
Put One Over

Rohlfs' work springboards from a clean surface appearance and concise formal gestures into a hybridized set of works that make the artist seem part minimalist, part colorist, part humorist. Rohlfs' sculptural gestures are so adroitly specific and contained that each element—a field of color, a drooping form, a slab of shelving—takes on more imminent and emphatic articulation ...