Music Program

Saturday, June 12, 1976 — Sunday, June 13, 1976

Co-sponsored/co-presented by:
The Albright-Knox Art Gallery


Presented at:
Albright-Knox Art Gallery; Hallwalls; Delaware Park

Performances and installations at the Albright-Knox, Delaware Park, and Hallwalls, presented by S.E.M. Ensemble and special guests. S.E.M. Ensemble features: John Boulder (percussion); James Kasprowicz (trombone); Petr Kotik (flutes); William Lyon Lee (tenor); William Zukof (countertenor). Special Guests include: Richard Bell (trombone); Linda Brooks; Jim Cassaro (voice); Ken Davis; Roger Denson; Debbie De Staffan; Lee Elferman; Amy Evans; David Gutzko; Richard Hayman; Amy Heist (tuba); Mark Jones (tuba); Ralph Jones; Leigh Landy; Tom Lauria; Robert Longo; Larry Lundy; Sam Magrill; Marjorie Manneck; Elaine Moise (voice); Phill Niblock; Joseph Panone; Elaine Sheehan (voice); Ned Sublette; Elizabeth Teviotdale (voice); Yong Sook Won; Rick Zucker. 
Performances & Locations:
CONVERGENCE AND DISPERSAL by Robert Longo (1:30, Sat. & Sun, AKAG Back Entrance from Delaware); FILMS AND MUSIC by Phill Niblock (12:30-3:30, Sat & Sun, AKAG Auditorium); OBSERVING WITH VARIATIONS 17 (1974/76), and OBSERVING WITH VARIATIONS 18 (1974/76) by Petr Kotik (2:30-4:30, Sat & Sun, AKAG Lower Gallery); LA PHASE (1973) and REGIONES VOCALES (1973) by Leigh Landy (1:20 - 2:30, Sat & Sun, AKAG Sculpture Court and surrounding areas); VIDEO TAPES (1973) by Ralph Jones (2:30 Sat & Sun, AKAG Sculpture Court and surrounding areas);  SONGS (CULTURE PALACE VERSION, 1974-76) by Ned Sublette (3:00 Sat & Sun, AKAG Sculpture Court and surrounding areas);  A LAKE SURFACE PROJECTION by Joseph Panone (9-midnight, Sat & Sun, Delaware Park Lake); INTERSECTIONS 2 by Petr Kotik (9-10pm, Sat & Sun, Delaware Park Lake); SOURCES OF NATURALLY OCCURRING ULTRASONICS IN DELAWARE PARK by Ralph Jones (11am on, Sat & Sun, Delaware Park Lake); FANTASY VOLUMES AND LANDSPACES: FORM III Linda Brooks (10am on, Sun only, Delaware Park Stone Bridge Area); CONDENSATION: ONE MILE RADIUS by Lune Prods (12 noon - 12:30 midnightm Sat & Sun, Hallwalls); MUSIC FOR SLEEPING AUDIENCE by Richard Hayman (11pm Sat - 9am Sun, Hallwalls. The audience is requested to bring their own bedding).