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Wednesday, February 6, 2002


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Performance by Carlo Actis Dato (Tenor/Baritone Saxophones, Bass Clarinet)

One of the forerunners of the [Italian] movement in free jazz is Carlo Actis Dato. The multi-reed player has risen to an elite status within Italy, and his name is now becoming a world commodity. His recording career took off in the middle 1980s with his work on the Splasc(h) label, followed by his association with the Italian Instabile Orchestra, and he has since branched out with numerous other affiliations and associations. For his solo release on Leo records The Moonwalker, Dato plays a series of short solo improvisations on baritone, tenor, or bass clarinet. He is a free thinker, taking off with wild, unstructured exercises, but his work always maintains a hint of his cultural roots. Italian jazz typically contains the delightful combination of freedom and national ethnicity, plus a mild touch of humor, which gives it its unique flavor and bent. Dato's music displays all these traits. Freeform jazz improvisation may have originated in America, but America can no longer lay claim to being the sole hotbed of activity. The music has spread around the world in near brushfire fashion, and Italy glows with the adoption and adaptation of it. Dato is a perfect example of this phenomenon.  - Frank Rubolino

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