Music Program

Friday, June 10, 2011 at 6:30 p.m.

$10 suggested donation

June in Buffalo Festival & the Center for 21st Century Music, David Felder, Director present

Genkin Philharmonic


Genkin Philharmonic Genkin Philharmonic will play a one hour concert as part of the June in Buffalo Festival, this Friday June 10. The concert will take place from 6:30 - 7:30 at the Hallwalls Arts Center, in the Cinema downstairs.

Seating is very limited (only about 35 are available) so get there early. Admission is $10 - all proceeds go to Hallwalls.

Genkin Philharmonic:
Jon Nelson (trumpet, arrangements)
Tom Kolor (percussion)
Jonathan Lombardo (trombone)
Lazara Caridad Nelson (violin)
Matt Felski (drums)
Bill Louden (piano)
Steve Baczkowski (baritone saxophone)
Michael Wagner (bass/vocals)
Tim Clarke (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Jeff McLeod (guitar)

Charles Ives "Gyp the Blood" or Hearst!? Which is Worst?! (1912)
Frank Zappa Pygmy Twylyte (1972)
Marqueson's Chicken (1984)
Eat the Question (1972)
Echidna's Arf (1972)
Arnold Schoenberg Sehr Langsam (1911)
Don Van Vliet Dropout Boogie (1967)
Apes Ma (1978)
Ice Rose (1967)
Jon Anderson And You And I (1970)
Claude Debussy Le Cathedrale engloutie (1910)
Radiohead Morning Bell (2000)
King Crimson Thrak (1994)
Frank Zappa Igor's Boogie (1970)
Run Home Slow (1963)
Peaches en Regalia (1971)
Let's Make the Water Turn Black (1968)
Harry You're a Beast (1968)
The Orange County Lumber Truck (1968)
Frank Zappa The Black Page (1977)
All selections were transcribed and arranged by Jon Nelson.