Music Program

Tuesday, April 8, 2008 at 8:00 p.m.

$12 general admission, $8 members/students/seniors

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Andrew Lamb Trio & Yuganaut


Andrew Lamb (tenor saxophone)
Tom Abbs (contrabass)
Warren Smith (drums, percussion)

Steve Rush (piano, keyboards)
Tom Abbs (contrabass)
Geoff Mann (drums, percussion)

Andrew Lamb was born in Clinton, North Carolina and grew up in Chicago and in South Jamaica, Queens. Having studied with AACM charter member Kalaparush Maurice McIntyre, Mr. Lamb came into New York's "avantgarde" community in the '70s, becoming an active presence in the vibrant Bedford-Stuyvesant arts world at that time, and winning a Brooklyn Arts Council grant.

In 1994, he composed all the pieces on his first leader recording, Portrait in the Mist (Delmark), which featured vibraphonist Warren Smith, bassist Wilber Morris, and drummer Andrei Strobert. Andrew Lamb has since recorded duets with Warren Smith (Duet, WISland, '99 and The Dogon Duo, Engine Studios, '05) and Dance of the Prophet, a trio recording with Eugene Cooper and Andrei Strobert (Kiki Records). In 2003 his brilliant recording with Tom Abbs and Andrei Strobert, Pilgrimage, was released on CIMP, featuring 10 original Andrew Lamb compositions; that year also brought the release of Year of the Endless Moment with his group The Moving Form (Engine Studios).

Andrew Lamb and his ensembles remain a regular presence in the New York area and have frequently played in the annual Vision Festival, which began in 1996. In 2001, Andrew took part in Alan Silva's bigband project with the Sound Vision Orchestra; the following year he toured with AACMaffiliated drummer Alvin Fielder; in '04, Henry Grimes's trio with Andrew Lamb and Newman Taylor Baker was named "Best Jazz Trio" by NY Press in its "Best of Manhattan" issue. That trio also played in Berlin and at Edgefest (Ann Arbor, Michigan) and HotHouse, Chicago in '05. The Henry Grimes Quartet featuring Marshall Allen, Andrew Lamb, and Hamid Drake played on opening night of the 10th annual Vision Festival in New York City.

Always, Andrew Lamb's music rises out of the African-American jazz, blues, and church traditions and is deeply spiritual, profoundly emotional, and readily accessible to all who hear him. Wrote Steven Loewy for All Music Guide, Andrew Lamb is "a serious musician seeking to uplift his soul through art, and, like John Coltrane and his progeny, Lamb's vehicle is the psalmlike expression of his tenor saxophone. The results reflect his quest, testifying to his musical abilities, enormous potential, and depth of character."

Yuganaut is a collective of improvising virtuosos. Playing prewritten and structured compositions, they explore sonic spaces by listening deeply to each others articulation and interpretation of the score. The surprising dialogue that results from this process is like watching an extremely wellhoned basketball team pass the ball. Welloiled, communicating, intuitive, and almost ESPlike in it's performance. The group is comfortable in many styles/genres, so the music flows from funk to swing, open jazz, to avantclassical aesthetics. With training in diverse musics such as strict classical Western Music, jazz, rock, South Indian and electronica, Yuganaut pushes the notion of eclecticism swiftly out the window and proclaims loudly that the world is a place where all musics can find a happy home, together.

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