Music Program

Friday, January 6, 2012 at 8:00 p.m.

$12 general, $10 students/seniors, $8 members

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Herculaneum Dylan Ryan (drums, vibraphone)
Nick Broste (trombone)
David McDonnell (alto saxophone)
Nate Lepine (tenor saxophone)
Patrick Newbery (trumpet)
Greg Danek (contrabass)

with special guests Bear Flames (previously known as "Bare Flames")
Jim Abramson (drums)
T. Andrew Trump (bass, guitar)
Scott Valkwitch (guitar, effects)

What began as drummer Dylan Ryan's side project between Icy Demons and Michael Columbia has, over four recordings, evolved into something of a Chicago mainstay. The Beefheartian angularity of the early records has given way to post-fusion Wayne Shorter style soloing over heavier Afro rhythms. The stripped down rhythm section of bass and drums allows plenty of space for the four-horn frontline to paint fluidly over the grooves. Over the past three years, these gentlemen have been seen jamming with the likes of everyone from indie big dogs Wilco, TV On The Radio, Cursive and Broken Social Scene, to east coast free-form fire-breathers Daniel Carter and Paul Flaherty. Somehow, six of the busiest players in Chicago found the time to record their fourth record, Olives & Orchids.