Music Program

Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 8:00 p.m.

$0.10 admission! ($10 suggested donation)

Ab Baars / Ig Henneman Duo


David Kennedy, in conjunction with the Burchfield-Penney & Hallwalls Contemporary Art Centers, presents:
Three For A Quarter, One For A Dime
A Series of Modern Jazz Performances

Ab Baars (tenor saxophone, clarinet, shakuhachi)
Ig Henneman (viola)

photo by Francesca Patella

Ab Baars and Ig Henneman are among the leading lights of the Netherlands' jazz and new music community. Baars has previously performed in Buffalo with the ICP Orchestra and with his own trio; this will be Henneman's Hallwalls debut. Their duo program is entitled "Autumn Songs," which Baars describes as "compositions and improvisations inspired by poems on autumn in all its different meanings."

A highly distinctive voice from the fertile Dutch jazz scene, Ab Baars (b. Magrette, Netherlands, 1955) combines idiosyncratic creativity with technical skill and a knowledge of his music's roots. Though his music has been described as "joyously obstinate," it has an undeniable and colorful catchy-ness that stems from it stripped essence. As an instrumentalist, Baars has been influenced by American jazz greats like Roscoe Mitchell and John Carter, both of whom he has worked with. As a composer, improvisor and band-leader, Baars displays all of the musical characteristics that have come to define the Dutch creative music scene: open forms, varied instrumental strategies, a wacky use of juxtaposition, and an unwillingness to treat jazz—or any music—as a fixed art form. Baars is a mainstay of the ICP Orchestra, the defining group for Dutch jazz, and leads his own longstanding trio with bassist Wilbert de Joode and drummer Martin van Duynhoven.

Over the course of a fifty-year career, Ig Henneman (b. Haarlem, 1945) has explored a wide spectrum of musical idioms, including rock, pop, and symphonic music, and has composed for an equally broad range of performance situations, including for string quartets, films, and puppeteers. She has studied the music of Russian composers Galina Ustvolskaya and Sofia Gubaidulina, unifying the opposing forces of the former's structural severity and the latter's improvisational freedom. The result is an open-minded music with a meticulous attention to detail, with no wasted notes and an emphasis on pulse, timbre, and dynamics.

Together, Baars and Henneman operate the Wig label, which releases vital recordings of the Dutch improv scene. more info at: