Music Program

Friday, March 18, 2016 at 8:00 p.m.


10x5x2 - 10 solos, 5 minutes, 2 sets

Asbury Hall @ Babeville

David Adamczyk: violin
Steve Baczkowski: saxophone/turntable
Ellen Barnum: bassoon
Juini Booth: bass
Angie Conte (aka Sparklebomb): electronics
Martin Freeman: synthesizers
Esin Gunduz: voice
Jeanine Giffear: flute
Zane Merritt: guitar
Ravi Padmanabha: percussion

Hallwalls is excited to announce the first in an ongoing series of concerts featuring the solo performer/improviser in a unique context & environment. Ten individuals will play consecutive five-minute long solos, in two separate sets. The solos will be performed in random order for each set, following a large color-coded projection on screen, with a one-minute possible overlap (or silence). This series is a fundraiser to help support continued concert programming at Hallwalls.