Literature Program

Sunday, November 12, 2006

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Earth's Daughters presents

Jorge Guitart & Michael Basinski


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Michael Basinski is Curator of the Poetry Collection of the University Libraries, SUNY at Buffalo. His own poems, articles, and reviews have appeared in numerous publications, including Proliferation, Terrible Work, Deluxe Rubber Chicken, Boxkite, Mill Hunk Herald, Yellow Silk, The Village Voice, Object, Oblek, Score, Generator, Juxta, Poetic Briefs, Another Chicago Magazine, Sure: A Charles Bukowski Newsletter, Moody Street Irregulars: A Jack Kerouac Newsletter, Kiosk, Earth's Daughters, Atticus Review, Mallife, Taproot, Transmog, B-City, House Organ, First Intensity, Mirage No.4/Period(ical), Lower Limit Speech, Texture, R/IFT, Chain, Antenym, Bullhead, Poetry New York, and First Offence. For more than 20 years he has performed his choral voice collages and sound texts with his intermedia performance ensemble The Ebma, which has released two Lps: SEA and Enjambment. His books include Idyll (Juxta Press, 1996), Heebee-jeebies (Meow Press, 1996), SleVep (Tailspin Press, 1995), Vessels (Texture Press, 1993), Cnyttan (Meow Press, 1993), Mooon Bok (Leave Books, 1992), and Red Rain Too (1992) and Flight to the Moon (1993) from Run Away Spoon Press.

As a poet, Cuban-born Jorge Guitartwrites in both his native Spanish and English, endeavoring to keep them schizophrenically apart. He subscribes to innovative/radical poetry in both languages and declares to be allergic to mainstream approaches seeking or offering moral enlightenment on the basis of encounters with the wonders of the natural world. He is the author of Foreigner's Notebook (Shuffaloff Press, 1993) and Film Blanc (Meow Press, 1996), and of the electronic chapbooks At the Zotel & Other Places and Del almacén de las emociones (UB Electronic Poetry Center, 2005). He has translated Cuban poets into English-recently José Kozer in Mandorla 8 (2005) and Eugenio Rodriguez in Mandorla 9 (2006)-and U.S. poets into Spanish-recently John Ashbery in Mandorla 9 (2006). In the last few years he has collaborated with artists in other fields, including the painter Catherine Parker, the musical group Lake Affect, and the photographer Errol Daniels. Also a painter and songwriter, he participated in the Cuban-American Artists from WNY exhibition at the Burchfield-Penney Art Center in 2005, and had a solo show at El Museo this past summer. His tango “Si supieras” was recorded by singer Elise Witt and is included in her 2003 CD Love Being Here. Jorge holds a Ph.D. in linguistics from Georgetown University, is Professor of Spanish linguistics in the Department of Romance Languages & Literatures at UB, and has published widely in his field.

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