Performance Art Program

Thursday, October 20, 1988


Presented at:

A collaboration between Erotic Psyche's Bradley Eros (New York), and performance artist Kain Karawahn (West Berlin). Karawahn will present short films and videos along with documentation of live performances, including THE BERLINER SUMMERNIGHT DREAM (1985); DANGAST 62/85 (1985); BERICHT AUS DIE SAND (1986); THIS IS AN EMERGENCY/NOTFALL (1988) Eros will present Erotic Psyche's PYROTECHNICS TRILOGY, consisting of TABULA RASA (1986); ELECTRA MORPHA (1987); LIGHTENING IN MY LOVER (1988). A joint performance called THE RIGHT TO YELL THEATER IN A CROWDED FIRE will take place at an outside location to be announced.

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September and October, 1988 - 1988