Published in 1992

HALLWALLS ART AUCTION (January 15-February 14, 1992) Hallwalls Inc, Buffalo NY, 1992. [A 20 page black and white catalog published in conjunction with the auction of the same title. Includes a brief introduction by Edmund Cardoni (Executive Director, Hallwalls) and black and white photographs of auctioned works by the artists: Charles Clough (DECEMBER TWENTY-FIFTH, 1987-1988); Duayne Hatchett (UNTITLED, 1991); Bruce Adams (MEASURING MAN, 1989); Nancy Dwyer (BRIGHT IDEA, 1991); Patrick Mills (COPY OF SURPRISE, 1991); Biff Henrich (UNTITLED, 1991); Cindy Sherman (UNTITLED, 1990); Robert Longo (UNTITLED, 1991 and BODY OF A COMIC, 1991); Michael Zwack (HISTORY OF THE WORLD, 1986); Chuck Agro (SUBMARINE, 1991); John Toth (CORE SAMPLE #15, 1991); Rosemary K. Lyons (CHAOS/WAVE, 1991); Joseph Piccillo (EDGE EVENT II, 1982); and two items not shown by Kathie Simonds (AMERICAN GOTHIC/CLASSIC and OUR HOLY WARS FOREVER, 1991)

Artists associated with this publication:
Charles Clough; Duayne Hatchett; Bruce Adams; Nancy Dwyer; Patrick Mills, Biff Henrich; Cindy Sherman, Robert Longo, Michael Zwack; Chuck Agro; John Toth; Rosemary K. Lyons; Joseph Piccillo; and Kathie Simonds.

Some events connected to this publication:
January 15, 1992 - HALLWALLS ART AUCTION

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