May, 2008

Still from HARP artist Jim Finn's
Still from HARP artist Jim Finn's "The Juche Idea" (2008, 62min)

Hallwalls Calendar: May, 2008.

Artists associated with this publication:
Jim Finn, Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Fereshteh Toosi, Paula Braswell, Peter Dykhuis, Shelley Niro, Leandro Soto, Douglas Ewart, Open Music Ensemble, Babel, Cathy Muller, Jamie Currie, Otto Muller, Joshua Cohen, Perry Nicholas, Penelope Prentice, Barbara Weissberger, Chambliss Giobbi, Steve Ansell, Tammy McGovern, AWH, Josephine Anstey, Avalanche Collective, J. Anthony Dimezza, Ryan Barone, Michael Bosworth, Robin Brasington, Buffalo Sound Painting Ensemble, David Butler, Lewis Colburn, Aasta Deth, The Fractal Project, Courtney Grim, Jody Hanson, Mark McLoughlin, Gordon Hicks, Tom Holt, Jim Celotto, Ani Hoover, Ella Joseph, Stephanie Koenig, Frank McCauley, Marty McGee, Mick Gross, Jim McLaughlin, RJ Melnyk & LJP, The Reactionary Ensemble, Lorna Mills, Heather Nicol, Dyan O'Connell, Nancy J. Parisi, Dave Pape, Valerie C. Pawlowski, Gary Sczerbaniewicz, Michele Sczerbaniewicz, Mathew Slaats, Tom Hughes, Jax Deluca, Nalani Williams, Crittenden, Eye Candy Burlesque, London vs. New York, DJ Ceiba

Some events connected to this publication:
April 19, 2008 - Barbara Weissberger Are we just going to stand and watch this?
April 19, 2008 - Chambliss Giobbi Time and Again
May 3, 2008 - Joshua Cohen A Heaven of Others - Reading in Hallwalls Cinema
May 14, 2008 - Perry Nicholas & Penelope Prentice The Gray Hair Reading Series
May 15, 2008 - Jim Finn The Juche Idea
May 17, 2008 - /The Imaginary Line/
May 17, 2008 - Open Music Ensemble Asheboro Wake
May 31, 2008 - Artists & Models: Unhinged

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