Insect Politics Body Horror/ Social Order

Published in 1990
Curated by Jurgen Bruning,
Essays by Hank Hyena,

49 pages

Artists associated with this publication:
Hank Hyena, Dennis Adams, Mac Adams, Gwen Akin, Allan Ludwig, Victor Bouillon, Nancy Burson, Sarah Charlesworth, Jenny Holzer, Jesse Howard, Alfredo Jarr, Stephen Laub, Dorthea Lange, Vera Lehndroff, Holger Trulzch, Sally Mann, Adrian Piper, Aimee Rankin, Tim Rollins, K.O.S., Marica Salo, Andres Serrano, Nancy Spero, Alan Turner, Joel Peter Witkin, Krzysztof Wodiczko, Robert Yarber

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