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Saturday, November 4, 2006


Presented at:

Benefit reception and visual art exhibition, featuring: THE COMBING WAVE (Josef Bajus, 2005); DUTCH LANDSCAPE (Dennis Bertram); SOLILOQUY, (Amanda Besl, 2006); ALLYSON IMITATES THE HORIZON (Amanda Besl, 2006); THE THREE GRACES (Amanda Besl, 2006); SK8ER (Amanda Besl, 2006); OPERA PLAYA (Amanda Besl, 2006); A TIDE FLUME ACADIA (BRUCE BLAIR, 1986); ATOMIC FIELD (Ann Bonte); EAST OTTO (Mark di Vincenzo); MUFFLER MAN, WALLINGTON NJ (Marion Fuller, 2005); PUMPKIN COUPLE, CHITTENANGO NY (Marion Fuller, 1989); LATITUDE 16 (Steven Gawoski, 2006); TRAGEDY OF THE FALL (Beth Gemperlien, 2006); THE HIGHLANDS, PERU (Courtney Grim,2006); UNTITLED (Dana Hatchett, 2005, along with 4 other works with the same title and vear); VAULT/PSYCHOSCAPE (Steve Heil, 2005); OPEN YOUR WINDOW#3 (Mike Herbold, 2006); TAPESTRY OF PARADISE (Robert Holland, 2006); TRON 2.0 (Tom Holt, 2006); 17 COCKPIT; BOMBER DIPTYCH (Steve Houseknecht, 2005); SALTREAPERS #1 (Deborah Jack, 2006); UNTITLED ( Eric Jensen, 2006, along with two other works with the same title and year); 1967 EGGNOG TEST (Scott Losi, 2005); NIGHT LANDSCAPE (Joe Miller, 1990); POETRY OF THE UNIVERSE (Connie Minneci, 2005, along with 3 other works of the same title and year); MENOPAUSE LANDSCAPE (Connie Minneci, 2005); UNTITLED (Nathan Naetzker, 2005); ORANGE AND BLUE (Catherine Parker, 2006); HARBOR 1 &2 (Isabelle Pellisier, 1997); BIOLOGICAL REGIONALISM; GRENLACCKUR RIVER, ICECLAND (Alberto Rey, 2004-5); NO MONEY DOWN/BAD JOKE (Matt SaGurney, 2006); SPRINGTIME IN THE GARDN OF MARTYRS (David Schrim, 2003); PAIR SKATING (Nancy Smith, 2006); DEER SPIRIT (Zerbe Sodervick); DEVIL'S HOLE (Chris Stangler); MEAD, MILL AND TREE (Jeff Vincent, 2006); SLEEPWALKER (Adam Weekly, 2006); PATRON SAINT OF THE PHILOSOPHER (Jacqueline Welch, 2005)

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