Special Events

Tuesday, October 2, 1979


Presented at:
AC Gallery


Featuring The Enemies, Davy and the Crocketts

ARCHIVAL NOTE (7/1/2015): The Enemies was the punk band led by Joe Bompczyk, and also featured Fred Mann. Joe Bompczyk died of pancreatic cancer on September 6, 2010, at the age of 56, and was inducted posthumously into the Buffalo Music Hall of Fame, Class of 2014. (Thanks to Paul Szp for this lead.)


"Bompczyk was founder, guitarist, and songwriter in The Enemies—one of Buffalo’s first true punk bands—before later recording an album on Mercury Records as part of the Restless, an aggregation of the city’s punk/new wave stars that also included Hall of Famers Terry Sullivan and Bob James, plus Guy Pelino and Frank Luciano.

"Bompczyk started his trip toward punk rock the same way many of Buffalo’s future punks did—by attending the New York Dolls/Mott the Hoople/Aerosmith show on Oct. 17, 1973, at Kleinhan’s Music Hall.

“'The New York Dolls blew (Aerosmith) off the stage,' Bompczyk said in a 2002 interview. 'I never was into drag, but [their] concept [was more] actually looking like living dolls…Johnny Thunder's sound—they just were amazing.'…

"With the members [of The Enemies] taking on pseudonyms such as Billy Piranha (Bompczyk, guitar), Rock Mann (Fred Mann, vocals) and Sinister (Bob Guariglia, bass), the band soon made its debut at McVan’s, the Prohibition-era nightclub that was proving to be the first place to open its door to punk in Buffalo."

Davy in Davy and the Crocketts was Dave Meinzer, who sits in with The Vores from time to time in their present incarnation (7/1/2015). 

Poster design by Diane Bertolo.