Visual Arts Program

Saturday, November 1, 2008 — Saturday, December 20, 2008

Kara Tanaka

Pining Wind

Kara Tanaka - <em>Pining Wind</em>

Pining Wind is a communications satellite designed to eliminate the boundary between the illusion we know as reality and the reality of illusion by fracturing and multiplying the events of two lovesick lives. A video housed in the satellite tells a cyclical story that begins in the 9th century and ends in a century far in the future.

The video Pining Wind (Fragmented on the Night Sea of Eternity) tells a mutated version of one of the most intimately human dramas, Matsukaze, a tale of pain and desire spurred on by the profound connection to illusion. Two spirits are trapped in the world of the living, enslaved in the ghost realm because of their longing for a lover who disappeared centuries ago. Their steadfast devotion to the impossible return of the lover repeats itself with every reincarnation of the spirits, and every subsequent punishment only invigorates their passionate crime.

Kara Tanaka is represented by Simon Preston Gallery, NY.

Kara Tanaka interview from hallwalls on Vimeo.

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