Visual Arts Program

Saturday, January 17, 2009 — Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jennifer Locke


Jennifer Locke - <em>Actions</em>
Jennifer Locke - <em>Actions</em>

The work of San Francisco artist Jennifer Locke examines power structures in relation to voyeurism, the body, and technological mediation. Working in performance, short-form video, and digital photography, Locke's work uses the body (often hers) as bait within a paradigm that references the artist/model relationship, BDSM, and more recently, wrestling. Locke's camera functions as the voyeur mediating these relationships and creating a framework within which Desire is rearticulated, disciplined, and delivered through its presence and its gaze. Locke positions herself as artist, as desired object, and as voyeur in an attempt to dominate the viewer but is ultimately subsumed by the truly dominant performer, the camera.

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