Visual Arts Program

Friday, September 11, 2009 — Friday, October 23, 2009

Lewis Colburn

Interregnum (1815-1969)

Lewis Colburn - <em>Interregnum (1815-1969)</em>
Lewis Colburn - <em>Interregnum (1815-1969)</em>

Interregnum (1815-1969) takes the form of a large-scale, mixed media installation. The project consists of a life-size replica of Napoleon Bonaparte's carriage, crashed on a stage set of the Moon. Flanked by a backdrop depicting the lunar surface, the wrecked carriage is surrounded by a raised boardwalk from which viewers experience the piece. By drawing a line from Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo to the now-faded promise of the Apollo landings, the project asks us to question the significance we assign to these supposedly pivotal moments in history.

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