Visual Arts Program

Saturday, April 12, 2003 — Saturday, May 24, 2003

Co-sponsored/co-presented by:
Pierogi 2000, Plus Ultra, and Roebling Hall Galleries


Presented at:

Curated by John Massier and David Kramer of New York. Exhibition featuring artists: Meredith Allen; Joe Amrhein; Mike Ballou, LET THEM DO IT (1997, 8mm stills), CARPET ROLLERS (1998, video); Michael Buckland; Beth Campbell; Fritz Chesnut (paintings); Jennifer Dalton; Charley Friedman MOM(99), photograph), ONE HOUR SMILE (1997, 60min., video) COMPLETE AND UTTER (2000, 120 min., video); Michelle Hines; Christopher Johnson (paintings and photographs); Guy Richards Smit (watercolors, mixed media); Michael Smith HOW TO CURATE YOUR OWN GROUP EXHIBITION (DO IT) (1996, 16mm transferred to video), TORCH SERIES (2002, BandW photographs); Standard and Poor; Joshua Stern.
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"B-LIST is a diverse collection of contemporary works all culled from the densely-packed artists' community of Brooklyn, NY, centered primarily in the neighborhood of Williamsburg. B-LIST takes as its initial point of departure an open-ended question about the current state of the Brooklyn scene, particularly now, a few years past its heady zenith of media attention, when Brooklyn attracted its most intense attention as an alternative to the longtime NY art neighborhoods in Chelsea and Soho. B-LIST accepts that post-hype does not translate into post-relevant and seeks to explore some of the prevalent themes and concerns of those artists living and working in a highly-energized community that nonetheless remains forever in the shadow of a bigger art beast, perennially visible just across the East River.

These curatorial parameters led co-curators David Kramer, a longtime NY artist, and Hallwalls' curator John Massier to consider, for lack of a better phrase, the "simultaneity of aspiration and failure." The works represented in B-LIST all hover around this thematic construct: works imbued either formally or conceptually as packed with energy, craven aspiration, joie de vivre—while often undercutting their own buoyancy with a self-conscious demeanor of potential failure. And while the works are often intensely self-deprecating, the overall tone of B-LIST evades a tired fatalism, largely through an accessible visual vocabularly often drawn from popular culture and a persistent strain of unrelenting humor. Ultimately, the works in B-LIST describe a common language of emotions and sensibilities, residing in deeply-humanist perspectives on desire and angst, longing and potential failure.

Additional support for B-LIST has been generously provided by Pierogi 2000, Plus Ultra and Roebling Hall galleries, all located in Brooklyn, NY."

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