Visual Arts Program

Saturday, June 10, 2006 — Saturday, July 15, 2006

Frederick Hayes


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Frederick Hayes
Frederick Hayes
Frederick Hayes
Frederick Hayes

A Hallwalls Artist-in-Residence Project (HARP).

The work of Frederick Hayes involves itself with creating histories of specific environments based upon composite drawings that are a direct response to the original environment. Utilizing both original and found photographs, Hayes develops new drawings in a broad expressionist manner that depict the selected environments through both animate (facial portraiture) and inanimate (cars, neighborhoods, etc) images.

Hayes’ project for Hallwalls will consist of large-scale drawings and found materials that will coalesce to provide a composite of various African-American communities within Buffalo. The form of the installation will be shaped as a fragmented narrative combining actual source materials/images and their transformation into a re-imagined version of the community. Specifically, Hayes will draw from actual buildings, streets and communities throughout Buffalo to give form to a collective portrait of a place that is real, imagined and true.

As an African-American artist originally from the South, Hayes’ work has been an ongoing journey of discovery and rediscovery, framing his own set of experiences through the lens of other African-American communities throughout the country. Through this process, the commonalities of personal, regional and national identity are highlighted, while the pseudo-fictional rendition of Hayes’ final version draws his work into a space where broadly humanist ideas are highlighted, originating but not contingent upon their original source of inspiration.

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