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Saturday, January 13, 2007 — Saturday, February 17, 2007

Eric Brown


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Eric Brown - <em>Terminals</em>
Eric Brown - Terminals
Eric Brown - Terminals
Eric Brown - Terminals

A Hallwalls Artists in Residence Project (HARP)

In this exhibition, NYC-based artist Eric Brown presents new sculptures of neon. Brown's point of departure, literally and figuratively, are the physical forms that typically represent actual terminals for air or rail transport. Terminals are points of interchange along specified routes, while remaining isolated entities unto themselves. They are locations that encompass departures, arrival, or—in the nightmare scenario—perpetual stasis. Terminals are points that serve to connect disparate places while remaining aloof and disconnected themselves. They hum with activity but remain remote, neutral spaces.

Brown's new sculptures break down into the purest form short of a hologram by composing each work from white neon, the physical components of which mimics the larger metaphor. The sculptures require cables and power sources and thus require a connection to the outside world. Unlike other sculptural forms, these works cannot be realized without this connection, it is integral to their existence. At the same time—and despite the sculptures laying directly before us—they incorporate a singular and separate quality. While electrically "hot," they are also blindingly cool. They are present and distant.

The reiterations of the basic forms through multiple lines of neon replicate a process Brown has used in the past, primarily through cast plaster and the repetitive stacking of identical forms. The key distinction in the newer works is one of volume and, through that, of sensation. Rather than stacked plaster, stacked neon inhabits space and reiterates form without presenting a weighty mass.

Brown's new neon works transform physical sculptural materials into ethereal space, treating a terminal as a way station that is both actual and elusive. They are not merely a stop along the way, but locations imbued with idealism and utopian promise.

Eric Brown is represented by Goff+Rosenthal, NYC.

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