Visual Arts Program

Saturday, May 2, 2009 — Friday, June 5, 2009

Alfonso Volo

Thrifting For Beauty

Alfonso Volo - <em>Thrifting For Beauty</em>
Alfonso Volo - <em>Thrifting For Beauty</em>
Alfonso Volo - <em>Thrifting For Beauty</em>

In this solo exhibition of predominantly new work, Alfonso Volo demonstrate the perpetually elastic and exploratory boundaries of his art practice in works that include paintings, drawings, watercolors, found object sculptures, and extremely low-fi animated videos. Utilizing the entire gallery space, Volo's work will range from intimate to gargantuan in an aesthetic that adopts under-utilized devices and tropes as a means to exploring ideas with subtlety and grace. However, Volo's apparent whimsy masks the deeper, darker undercurrents in the work, in which questions of personal identity and one's relationship to the world are continually underscored.

The works arrive drench in equal parts good natured nonchalance and trembling anxiety and perhaps exist most fully in the space between these two spheres of being. Volo's poetic and allusive titling of work accentuates this tension—Ugly Duckling, My Little Vestigial Light, "Ghosty hare, Why Am I The Saddest Sack?", Some Paradises, and Compost Cosmos. Often working with components that could be seen as slight—knitwork, thrift shop knick knacks, watercolors, partially-traced drawings—Volo's choice of methods is a purposeful contrivance, amplifying meaning in unanticipated directions and from unassuming components.

The opening reception began with a performance of The Duck Man by Alfonso Volo.

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