Visual Arts Program

Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.


Mid-Summer Drawing Rally & Silent Auction

Asbury Hall in Babeville

detail from drawing by Richard Huntington
Your opportunity to watch it made, bid, and buy. All live!

36 artists drawing live in two 45 minute sessions, the completed works silent-auctioned, with the opening bids a priced-to-sell $39.

Doors open at 6:30 pm
Drawing begins promptly at 7:15
Cash Bar.
Specialty Cocktails.

On July 29, 2015 at 7:15pm SHARP, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center will host its 8th twice-annual live drawing rally and silent auction, in its July iteration, A Mid Summer Night’s Draw. The event will be held in Asbury Hall @ Babeville. Admission is $5., with a cash bar and specialty cocktails.
Begun in February 2012, the event features 36 local and regional artists, invited to draw live in two 45 minute sessions. At the conclusion of each drawing session, a half hour of silent bidding begins, with opening bids for all drawings beginning at $39. Artists are invited to participate and are welcome to draw whatever they choose—no theme—in any drawing media with the exception of oil. By the end of the evening, Hallwalls would like winning bidders to walk out with a dry, complete drawing under their arms. 
While there are always repeat artists and a few stalwarts—such as Bruce Adams, Fotini Galanes, Joel Brenden, Emily Churco, Pat Kewley—there is only ONE artist who has participated in all 8 drawing rallies: Alicia Paolucci. And each drawing rally features a healthy dose of NEW participants. For July 2015, artists participating in their first drawing rally include Shelby Baron, Priscilla Bowen, Tricia Butski, Jack Edson, Beth Gemperlein, Julie Lewitzky, Fritz Proctor, David Schirm, Mark Snyder, and Dana Tyrrell. 
Hallwalls’ drawing rallies are a unique opportunity to see work made from scratch, live, bid at affordable prices, and buy locally while supporting a contemporary arts center in its 41st year. It is often astonishing what artists can and do produce in such a short time frame and the rallies become an excellent circumstance for both burgeoning and established art collectors to add to their collection from the rich talents of the artists of WNY.
First round of drawing begins at 7:15.
First round of bidding 8:00 — 8:30
Second round of drawing begins at 8:15.
Second round of bidding 9:00 — 9:30.
Music provided by ABCDJ.

Artists including:
  • Bruce Adams
  • Monica Angle
  • Steve Ardo
  • Rita Argen Auerbach
  • Shelby Baron
  • Mary Begley
  • Priscilla Bowen
  • Joel Brenden
  • Tricia Butski
  • Emily Churco
  • Jack Edson
  • El Yames
  • Fotini Galanes
  • Beth Gemperlein
  • Bobby Griffiths
  • Mickey Harmon
  • Robert Harris
  • Richard Huntington
  • Pat Kewley
  • Dave Koszka
  • Elizabeth Larrabee
  • Julie Lewitzky
  • Jeremy Maxwell
  • MJ Myers
  • Esther Neisen
  • Alicia Paolucci
  • Rob Peters
  • Fritz Proctor
  • Stacey Robinson
  • David Schirm
  • Katherine Sehr
  • Mark Snyder
  • Chuck Tingley
  • Dana Tyrrell
  • Adam Weekley
  • Sara Zak

music by:

t: 716-854-1694
f: 716-854-1696

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through Feb. 28, 2020

Sarah Sutton
Knots and Pulses

This exhibition by Ithaca-area artist Sarah Sutton features a series of monochromatic oil paintings that combine representational imagery with distortions and abstractions that create scenarios in flux. They are essentially landscape paintings, but Sutton's treatment of the landscape toys with its sense of space and the notion of the built vs. the natural environment.

Katie Bell
Abstract Cabinet

Katie Bell’s exhibition is a site-specific installation conceived of as a one-act drama starring anonymous artifacts. Functioning like a theatrical set, the gallery holds static characters that reference the interior architecture of corporate and commercial spaces. Sculptural objects are often fractured or untethered to a contextual structure. Functioning as a whole, the individual artefacts are a nod to players on a stage, held captive in space and time.