Visual Arts Program

Wednesday, May 22 at 7:00 pm


Talk The Talk: Ekrem Serdar on Hollis Frampton

Talk the talk poster

A Lecture Series Where Artists Talk About The Work Of Others

Artists' talks are a tried and true format in which artists typically speak about themselves and their work, revealing (or obscuring) their inspirations and methodologies, their backgrounds and their present modes of thinking. Hallwalls still presents live and free artists' talks at the beginning of each exhibition opening and this past summer used the annual Members Exhibition as a means within which artists could do rapid 10-minute talks on their submitted artwork.

Talk The Talk is a lecture series in which we've invited regional Western New York artists and curators to present talks on other WNY artists, living or dead. We asked them to select artists they admire, artists who may have inspired them, artists whose work speaks to them sufficiently that they can then speak to us about them.

Ekrem says:
I noticed only after I suggested to Hallwalls that I do a talk on Frampton that it was 10 years ago that I wrote my first grant application for showing media arts, specifically a screening of Frampton’s HAPAX LEGOMENA, introduced by Mike Zryd, and David Gatten’s Secret History of the Dividing Line. (The grant was given by Subboard Inc, which is currently threatened with closure by the University, which, as an alum and someone living here, is a horrible idea, and I hope they reconsider. It’s a vital resource for students in so many ways, including providing needed travel funding, free safety shuttle buses, free legal counsel, and more.)
I last showed A Lecture at a screening for youth at NYSSSA, accompanied by Farocki’s Images of the World and the Inscription of War (1989) and Sondra Perry’s IT’S IN THE GAME ‘17 Or Mirror Gag For Vitrine And Protection (2017), a screening which I've been thinking about intently, and I’m planning to talk about a certain curatorial stance that has emerged, and I've been thinking about over time, which is something I rarely talk about, publicly or in person. Hope to see you.